We're giving away money prizes, exclusive trading boosters and bonuses, iPhone and iPad, and more gifts. Only for OctaFX clients with deposits.

The gifts and offers are only for clients who previously deposited, or deposit no later than 2 December. Deposit now

How to get gifts if you've already made a deposit:
On 3 December , a section with holiday offers will appear in the right-hand menu in your Personal Area.
Every new day brings a new gift. You can claim it only within that day (according to server time, UTC+2).

You won't know what the next gift is until you open it. Gifts become available on their dates at 12.00 a.m. sharp.

You only have 24 hours to open each gift.

If you want to get all the gifts, you need to come back to your Personal Area and claim them every day.
Want to be notified by email about what gift is available each day?
This way, you won't miss the chance to claim a gift you want.
You've never made a deposit, but still want our festive gifts and offers?
Just make any deposit—the minimum one will suffice—and you're in!