Free Forex signals

What you can do with Autochartist forex signal provider:

Follow automated alerts to open and close trades
Optimize your stop-loss and take-profit levels with our volatility analysis tool
React quickly to important price movements. 83% trend prediction accuracy on USD pairs and more
Close up to 50% more orders in profit with automatically identified emerging and completed chart patterns
Stay informed about the market movements and trading opportunities with Autochartist market reports

Using Autochartisit is easy. See for yourself!

Why use Autochartist with OctaFX
MetaTrader4/5 - compatible. Combine it with a favorite platform
Predictions are based on analysis of OctaFX quotes, not some random Liquidity provider

How to get Autochartist trading signals

Reach for the Silver or higher user status—find out how.
Download the plugin. If you need help on its installation, look through our guide.
Drag and drop the plugin Expert Advisor onto one of your charts.
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