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    Trailing Stop allows to move Stop-Loss level when the price moves in a trader’s favour. It helps to protect profit gained by enabling a trade to remain open as long as the trader continues to profit, and closes the position when the price is moving in unfavourable for the trader direction. Note that Trailing Stop is active as long as your trading platform is running, unlike Stop Loss or Take profit. However, Trailing Stop is more flexible since it allows to re-set the Stop Loss depending on the price change.
    A Stop-Loss order is intended to limit loss on a position, and is triggered when a certain price is reached. When the price reaches a level predetermined by the trader, an open trade automatically closes. Stop-Loss order allows traders to decide how much they can afford to lose.
    Is a point at which open positions are closed automatically due to reduction in account margin to the level that can no longer sustain the positions.
    Is a pending orders that determines the price the position should be opened at. Buy stop order is entered above the current ask price and sell stop order is entered below the current bid price.
    Is the stop out algorithm applied on cTrader accounts where once the margin level falls below the stop out level all open positions are partially closed, as opposed to the algorithm where the positions are closed in their entirety.


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  • How to set Stop Loss or Take Profit?
    Find the position you would like to set a Stop Loss or a Take Profit on, right-click on it and select “Modify or delete” from the context menu. In the pop-up window, set the desired level of your order. Keep in mind that for a short position you can set a Stop Loss above and a Take Profit below the current ask price, while when modifying a long position you should place the Stop Loss below and Take Profit above the current bid.
  • How do I set Stop Loss and Take Profit?
    To modify a position, please double click "Stop Loss" or "Take Profit" field of the position line in the Trade tab. Alternatively, you can right click the position line and select "Modify order". Then simply set the Stop Loss or Take Profit level and click "Modify" button below. Be aware that:
    • Sell order: Stop Loss should be above current ask price, and Take Profit below the current ask price
    • Buy order: Stop Loss should be below current bid price, and Take Profit above the current bid price.
    Note that each trading instrument has a certain stop level, so if the Stop Loss or Take Profit level is too close to the current price, you will not be able to modify the position. You can check minimum Stop Loss and Take Profit distance by right-clicking a trading instrument in the Market Watch window and selecting Symbols from the context menu. Select the required trading instrument in the pop-up window and click the Properties button. You can also modify your order from the chart. To do so, enable the "Show trade levels" option in your terminal settings. Then click on a position level and drag it up (to set Take Profit for Buy positions or Stop Loss for Sell positions) or down (Stop Loss for Buy or Take Profit for sell).
  • What are your stop levels?
    Each trading tool has its own stop levels (limits). You can check the stop level for a specific currency pair by right-clicking on it in "Market Watch" and selecting "Specification". Please note that OctaFX has five-digit pricing, so the distance is shown in points. For instance, the EURUSD minimal distance is shown as 20 points, which equals 2 pips.
  • What is smart stop out?
    "Smart stop out" is the stop out logic applied to cTrader accounts. Thanks to this algorithm, when the margin level of your account falls below 15%, only a part of the volume necessary to raise the margin level above stop out level is closed.
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