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If you decided to remove installed OctaTrader MT4 Terminal from a PC please follow instructions below to get everything done successfully.

Please, mind that the illustrations we provide may differ from your personal view of the desktop and setup menu, but they do show the general idea of deletion process.

You should also note that this example is useful for you if you maintained default installation settings, and if you changed the name of your installation group, you should keep it in mind and look for the right folder.

  • 1

    Click the Start button

  • 2

    Find OctaTrader amongst All Programs

  • 3

    Click on Uninstall icon

    Open the OctaTrader folder and find Uninstall icon – double click it.

  • 4

    Click Yes to continue

    A security window asking if you are sure you would like to uninstall the program may or may not appear depending on your operating system and security settings, but if it appears you should select "yes" to continue.

  • 5

    Uninstall window will appear:

  • 6

    Personal data

    "Delete personal data option" will remove all your personal settings from a PC, and may appear useful if you are not planning to reinstall the program on the same PC. You may also select this option of you are willing to change setups and charts with program being reinstalled.

  • 7

    Confirm the removal

    Confirm the removal process by clicking "Next" button. MT4 client will be uninstalled and the following message should appear on your screen:

  • 8

    Click "Finish"

    To Complete this process click "Finish". Thus, MT4 client has been successfully uninstalled.

  • 9

    Mobile apps uninstall

    To remove your MT4 client from your mobile device you should follow simple steps:

    • For iPhone/iPad: Hold your finger on the MT4 trader icon for cross to appear at the top left side of the icon, click on the cross and confirm the process by selecting "Delete" option. Press "Home" button when application is removed.
    • To delete MT4 from Android go to the settings menu, select system menu, select "remove program". A list of installed applications will be displayed for you to find the one you want to remove. Select MT4 and click on "Remove" button.
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