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Supercharged 2
real contest

Supercharged 2 is over.
Stay tuned for our future contests!

Rules of the Supercharged 2 contest


OctaFX presents a new real contest from the creators of ‘King of the Road’ and ‘Supercharged’! We’ve increased the number of prizes and your chances of winning. Prizes in this contest include: 36 top-class smartphones bundled with smart watches, three bundles each month, and after twelve months, three winners will get a high-end luxury car each. Register for the contest, make a deposit to your account, and trade to become a winner!


Contest duration: 12 months

Start date: 1 October 2018

End date: 30 September 2019

Round duration: 1 month

Number of rounds: 12 rounds

The contest name is ‘OctaFX Supercharged 2’ or ‘Supercharged 2’. It is run by Octa Markets Incorporated.

Registration for the Contest is closed 7 days prior to the Contest end date.

Requirements for participation

Only persons of legal age (18+) can take part in the Contest.

A person (hereinafter—‘Participant’) must have an OctaFX real account to take part in the Contest.

The Participant needs to check in a new or existing real account for participation in the Contest.

The Participant needs to have at least 50 USD (or its equivalent in EUR) in his or her account (bonus funds not included) or deposit this amount into the account (this money is fully withdrawable), as well as open at least one trade in order to participate in the running round and the Contest’s overall ranking.

The real account that complies with the requirements (hereinafter—‘Contest Account’) is deemed to be participating in the Contest and is being rated from the moment it is checked in for the Contest (starting from the running round).

Once checked in, the Participant does not need to repeat this procedure for future rounds of the Contest.

The Contest Account participates in subsequent rounds if its Personal Funds (Equity excluding bonuses) are at least 50 USD (or its equivalent in EUR) (bonus funds not included) the moment such subsequent round starts.

If the Contest Account’s Personal Funds fall below 50 USD (or its equivalent in EUR), this account can’t participate in the next round until its balance reaches this amount. Its rating is nevertheless still reckoned in the overall (yearly) Contest ranking.

The Participant has the right to open and deposit to any number of the Contest Accounts. Note that each Contest Account is ranked as a separate participant! Results of different accounts cannot be combined!

The Contest Accounts owned by one Participant are assigned ascending numbers in the ratings. i.e. Participant_Name (1), Participant_Name (2), etc., in the chronological order of their joining the Contest.

By taking part in the Contest, the Participant unconditionally agrees to the Rules of the Contest.

Trading conditions

All trading strategies and/or EAs are allowed for trading with the Contest Account.

Real accounts of any type (Micro, Pro, or both) can take part in the Contest.

Only MetaTrader 4 (Micro) or MetaTrader 5 (Pro) real accounts are eligible for the Contest.

Any direct or indirect violation of these Rules shall be subject to account disqualification from the Contest.

The Company reserves the right to reject or disqualify any participant without explaining the reason. The reason for disqualification may include opening a large volume of opposite orders with the same currency pairs in different trading accounts at approximately the same time, as well as the usage of failures in the quote flow for getting a guaranteed profit, or any other kinds of cheating.

Utilising several profiles opened on OctaFX is forbidden. If the Company reasonably suspects two profiles or more be managed by one person, all trading accounts opened under these profiles will be banned from the Contest.

The Company reserves the right to alter, update, or cancel these promotion Rules at their own discretion with further notification of the Participants by posting such information in the Company News folder of the OctaFX site. The Company is entitled to resolve any occurrence that is not described in these Rules at its own discretion.

Contest prizes and the procedure for determining the winners

The Contest consists of twelve rounds, each lasting for one calendar month. Winners are determined in three contest categories following the results of each round. To win, the Participant needs to be placed first in at least one of the following categories: Gain, Profit Factor, or Traded Volume.

The Main Prizes of the Contest are as follows (with money equivalent, where relevant):

  • 1st place: BMW X5 M (80,000 USD)
  • 2nd place: Lexus GS-F (60,000 USD)
  • 3rd place: Honda Civic Type R (30,000 USD).

The Main Prizes are presented to the Participants who got the highest ratings across all categories (Gain, Profit Factor, Traded Volume) throughout the year.

The Participant is deemed a winner of the Contest if the sum of all his or her placings in the yearly rankings across all categories results in the lowest total number. For instance, a Participant who has finished 1st, 2nd, and 4th respectively in the yearly rankings of each categories (total sum of all places: 1+2+4=7) will be placed higher in the overall ranking and therefore win, if his or her nearest competitor’s total sum of places is over 7 (2+3+3, 1+5+2, etc.). If the leading Participants have an equal total sum of their places, the winner is determined by additional criteria (see Procedure for rating calculation below).

The Round Prizes of the Contest are as follows (with money equivalent, where relevant):

  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ and smartwatch Galaxy Gear S3 (1,000 USD)
  • Oppo Find X and Garmin VivoActive 3 smartwatch (1,000 USD)
  • Huawei P20 PRO and smartwatch Huawei Watch 2 (1,000 USD).

The money equivalent is transferred to the winner’s real account and can be withdrawn in full without limitations. The Round Prizes are presented to the Participants who were placed first in each category (Gain, Profit Factor, Traded Volume) for the corresponding month.

The Company is entitled to change the prizes without prior notice.

Procedure for rating calculation for each category


Gain=(Personal Funds + Amount Withdrawn – Personal Funds When Deposited)/Personal Funds When Deposited × 100%

In this equation, Personal Funds is the Contest Account’s current equity excluding bonuses; Amount Withdrawn is the total amount of money withdrawn from the Contest Account after checking it in for the round or making a deposit to it; Personal Funds When Deposited is an equity of the Contest Account (bonus funds not included) at the moment of making a deposit to it.

In case the Participant makes several deposits during the round, the total gain is calculated as a sum of separate gains for all timespans between deposits:

Gain = Gain 1 (from Initial deposit to Deposit 2) + Gain 2 (from Deposit 2 to Deposit 3) + Gain N (After Deposit N).

Whenever the Participant makes a new deposit to the Contest Account, we fix the gain that is already made within this account before the deposit (Gain 1) and then start to calculate the gain after the deposit (Gain 2) until the end of the contest round or another deposit is made.


You start the contest with the minimum deposit of 50 USD.

Over two weeks, you have made a profit of 300 USD and now you have 350 USD in your account. At this moment, your gain is (350-50)/50*100%=600%. Then you decide to add more funds (250 USD) to your account to be able to trade bigger volume. When you make this 250 USD deposit, we fix your gain at 600% (this is your Gain 1) and start to calculate your Gain 2. In another week, your account has grown from 600 USD to 800 USD. So your Gain2 at the end of this period will be (800-600)/600*100%=33.3%. And your total gain at the end of the same period will be Gain 1 + Gain 2 = 633.3%.

Profit Factor

Profit Factor = Profit from Trades (in USD) / Loss from Trades (in USD)

If the Participants have equal results, their ranking is determined by the financial total amount of their profitable trades—the Participant with bigger total wins.

Traded Volume

Traded volume = total volume of all trades opened throughout the round (the Contest).

If the Participant has several accounts, their achievements are not combined. The second and subsequent accounts are rated separately.

Overall ranking =sum of placings of the Participant across all three categories in the yearly ranking.

The winner is determined by the value of their overall ranking being the lowest numerical value.

If Participants have equal overall ranking, the winner is determined as follows:

1. The Participant with the numerically lowest sum of places in Profit Factor and Traded Volume categories wins.

2. The Participant with the highest Gain wins. (If the sum of places across Profit Factor and Traded Volume matches.)

In order to calculate the Gain and Profit Factor and to determine a round winner, we apply the following rules:

All trades opened prior to a new round start are considered opened at the first applicable price after the new round start. And all trades remaining open at the end of the round are considered closed at the last price available in the round. Please note that these rules are only applied in order to determine the winner of the round and do not affect your trades whatsoever.

Ranking data is calculated for each month (round) separately with strictly limited timings for the round start and end.

If the Participant has spoiled his or her Contest statistics with several unsuccessful trades, he or she can make a Recharge and increase the odds for winning. The Recharge is a reset of all previously achieved results in order to start participating in the Contest anew. In order to perform the Recharge, the Participant needs to log into the Personal Area on the OctaFX site, view his or her personal statistics, click the Recharge button, and make sure the trading account’s balance is at least 50 USD (or its equivalent in EUR) and therefore qualified for joining the Contest (otherwise deposit the required amount to qualify). All previous data regarding the balance, trades, traded volume, deposits, withdrawals, losses, and profits associated with this account will stop being counted in the Contest statistics after the Recharge is made (this does not affect the account itself or trades being opened). The Recharge does not affect previous round results, i.e. the ranking of prior rounds will not reset even if a winner makes the Recharge. The Participants are entitled to use the Recharge any number of times.


All the Participant’s Personal Funds (at the beginning of the round) are considered as an initial deposit.

The Contest results are announced no later than seven days after the Contest end date.

The round results are announced no later than seven days after the Round end date.

The winners will be contacted within seven business days after the Contest end date.

The winners of the rounds undertake to make a post about their win on social networks and include in this post a direct link to the Contest and the hashtags #Supercharged2 and #OctaFX. Such posting is a mandatory condition for claiming the prizes.

The winners undertake to take part in the award ceremony and any PR events associated with the Contest.

The award ceremony will be published on the OctaFX website and/or other social or mass media.

The Company will run a background check on the winner, his or her legitimacy, information validity, and possible violations. Should any such issues be found, the Company reserves the right to cancel the Contest results.

The winner must provide a full set of original documents (passport or other ID certifying the winner's residence) before claiming the prize. The ID must be valid.

In exceptional cases, the money equivalent of the prize may be paid into the winner's trading account or bank account.

The Participant can win no more than 4 round prizes in the Contest. The Participant who wins in several categories in one round (including if such Participant wins under different Contest Accounts) will receive the corresponding number of round prizes for this round.

The Participant who wins for the fifth or more time in a category ranking will be paid out a cash sum of 20% of the monetary value of the prize, and the actual prize will be passed to the Participant ranked second in that category.

The Participant cannot win more than one Main Prize. If several trading accounts controlled by the same Participant qualify for the Main Prize, the Company will award the trader with the most valuable prize of those they qualify for. The Participants ranked next most successful will get the remaining prize or prizes.

All the photos and/or images of the prizes used in the Contest’s ads, promo banners, and other promotional materials are for information purposes only. The real prizes may look different.

Round Prizes are shipped to the winners’ locations. Main Prizes can be obtained in the nearest car dealership where the specified or similar car model is sold. The Company is not liable for the terms of delivery by post or courier service, or for possible loss of the prize in the course of delivery caused by the third party. The Company is not liable for any tax charges that the winners may be due in their jurisdiction (including but not limited to property tax, vehicle tax, road tax, or other fees).

If the winner is unable to receive the prize, a trust agreement may be entered into for another person by the power of attorney.

The Company values client privacy and understands that you may not want to share your financial information including deposit amounts, volume of trades, personal funds, or any other parameters. You can easily manage these parameters’ visibility when you register for the Contest.

The Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the promotion without prior notification.

The Company is not liable for technical malfunctions and/or interruptions in the internet connection on the side of the client or third-party services, which could directly or indirectly affect the client’s participation in the Contest.

The Company is not liable for any delays or interruptions in service operation or data transmission, or performance failures in the OctaFX system, regardless of cause, including, but not limited to, hardware or software malfunction, or interruptions in the operation of the OctaFX system.

Any disputes that arise from the Contest and its results are subject to settlement by negotiations.

If the Contest winner refuses to comply with the Contest Rules or any of their provisions, this Participant will be banned from the Contest.

The English version of the Rules prevails. Any translations of the Contest Rules, Contest pages, and statistics are for reference only. In case of any discrepancies between the English and other versions of these materials, the English version shall prevail.

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