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Supercharged 2
real contest

IB category

Supercharged 2 is over.
Stay tuned for our future contests!

Who wins

If you are an IB, you can take part in the IB category of Supercharged 2!

The IBs whose clients trade the most lots on Supercharged 2 contest accounts by the end of each round will win one of our Honda Jazz cars! Only the volumes traded by the clients who signed up for Supercharged 2 and deposited at least 50 USD (or the equivalent in EUR) shall count for the Contest's purposes.

These cars are given away each quarter.

Prizes for IB*

Every quarter we are giving out one of four new Honda Jazz cars in the top RS CVT vehicle configuration.

  • 1st prize

    Honda Jazz RS CVT

    (118 horsepower, 5 seats)

* — if the prize car is not available in your region, it may be replaced with a similar one of the same price

Meet the winner

  • Nguyen Thuy Linh
    All that I know today I know from my own experience. Experience is your best teacher.

How to participate

You're automatically signed up for the contest if you have an IB account, and at least one client who signed up for Supercharged 2, deposited at least 50 USD (or the equivalent in EUR) into the contest account, and opened at least one trade.
Important! Only the lots traded on the accounts signed up for Supercharged 2 are counted for your contest stats.

Rules for the IB category

  • 1 Definition: IB—an Introducing broker, or simply an IB, is essentially a middleman or agent who works directly with a broker in order to bring them new clients.
  • 2 IBs participate in a separate Supercharged 2 contest category, for which we announce the results quarterly.
  • 3 The IB whose clients take part in the contest and trade the biggest amount of lots will win the contest. The volume of new clients who only registered on OctaFX in the course of a round and of the clients who were reactivated by the IB (the deposit for the Contest was their first deposit for the last six months) are counted with an increased multiplier of 1.5.
  • 4 The quarterly winner gets the main prize—a car, a certificate for best IB, and souvenirs.
  • 5 You can participate in as many rounds as you like, and if you win again, you gain the full prize.

Detailed rules for IB contest category

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