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OctaFX traders interviewed

Trading with OctaFX is fun and exciting, and who can prove it best if not traders themselves? We asked our traders, Irma Anisa from Indonesia, who is an experienced yet very humble trader, and Efstathios Doufekas from Greece, who is a Forex enthusiast and an experienced trader, to share their knowledge and give you insights into Forex trading.

What in your opinion is the greatest advantage of trading with OctaFX?

Irma: I get lots of profits during trading with OctaFX. I get the best spreads, stable connections, deposit and withdrawal process is fast enough using the local bank of my choice, and of course a trading atmosphere that makes me gain profit in the market consistently. 

How do you measure your success in trading? 

Efstathios: I measure the success of my trades mainly with the ratio of return on investment within a specific time frame. For example, gaining a sum three times bigger than your initial investment (300% ROI) in a few months is a big success. Of course, there will be also some bad trades, so another success is to wisely manage your account under difficult circumstances. 

What influences your decisions while trading? 

Irma: Many things influence my decision to open a position. For example, fundamental or technical analysis. I always use some ways of view to determine trends in the market. There are some indicators that I use to help me do the analysis. I also really like Fibonacci numbers. For me many ways to do the most important trading are according to my own criteria.

Has forex trading changed your life in any way? 

Efstathios: Of course, trading has changed my life: apart from the economical profits, I read a lot more than I did in the past!  I am always interested in what is going on worldwide, from the political scene of each country and their central bankers’ decisions, to physical phenomenons which could affect the prices of some commodities, or specific company news. I must confess that I have found myself enjoying the fact that I am informed about so many things! 

Would you recommend OctaFX to other traders? 

Irma: Of course, I would highly recommend it. Especially to my colleagues, friends and family who have just started trading, and to those who have been trading for a long time. Simply because trading with OctaFX will facilitate all of us in getting consistent profit. 

Efstathios: I would blindly recommend OctaFX to other traders! Really, OctaFX is trustworthy Forex broker, something extremely rare to find nowadays. Trust is the most precious characteristic that a trader should take into consideration when he is choosing a Forex broker. I’ve never had a single issue when trading with OctaFX, and I can honestly say that there is no other broker out there offering such fast withdrawals, on the very same day. 

Both Irma and Efstathios repeatedly said that OctaFX is their preferred broker. As Efstathios says, OctaFX’s “spreads are usually very good and the execution is fast as thunder”. 

We’d like to thank them for their participation in the interview, and say that traders like them make us the happiest broker!



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