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Supercharged 2 for IB: One car left, can you become the winner?

We’d like you to meet the third winner in the Supercharged 2 IB contest—Lý Dũng from Vietnam. Our prize in this category is a brand new Honda. We asked Lý Dũng a few questions to find out how he started out and became successful:

Could you tell our followers a little about yourself?

Hello everyone, my name is Lý Dũng, I am a member of PK Team. I’m an ordinary Forex trader just like everyone else. At the same time, I work as an IB to support clients and the finance community.  

How long have you been trading?

In one month it’ll be exactly 8 years since I made trading my profession. 

Why have you decided to give it a try?

Actually, I got to know about Forex very casually. I was in a cafe sitting next to a person who was looking at a chart that looked strange. I asked about it and this guy explained that it was Forex. At first, I didn’t believe that you could make money so easy and quickly. When I got home I started googling and after some time I started learning how to trade myself, which then became my profession.

Where did you learn how to trade? What helped you the most in mastering it?

Back in the day, we did not have as much information, such as documents or even offline courses. The main part was self-study, some seminars, and research. Every time I found something good, I tried it on my trading account. And so on and so on, I continued to explore.

It took me a long time to get to know other traders in the community and become part of the PK team. It is the experience of sharing, supporting each other in trading, bettering trading strategies and succeeding. Sharing experiences with each other has been essential, which you can’t find in any book. 

How much did you start with?

200$ was the first amount I started to trade with. 2 days later this number was 600$, 3 days later, you can guess what happened (laugh).

Do you remember the moment when you worked out that you are good at it? 

To be honest, I still don’t dare to claim I am good at trading now - many other traders are much better than me in the PK Team. I only dare to accept it when the trading order was effective.

When have I traded effectively? I don't remember that clearly. Maybe about 4 years ago, when my trading began to go into the stable profit margin every month.

Why did you decide to work with OctaFX as an IB? What are the ground rules that define your work with traders?

It was the decision of the whole PK Team, carefully considered using many different criteria. What the PK Team is most impressed by is OctaFX’s liquidity. Liquidity is always a top priority. Fast deposit, fast withdrawal is what I feel most happy about.

And other fees: low spreads, no commission, no swap. It is convenient for all customers, partners, friends.

Moreover, OctaFX is also a trustworthy broker, so it met PK Team's necessary conditions to reach a long-term roadmap.

What inspires you in your work? Where do you find motivation?

I get inspiration from customers and PK Team members.

There have been many times I was so pressured that I had to surrender and fail. And my partners and customers are the ones who give me motivation. "Come on! You are young and you have knowledge and experience to share with the market. Many people out there need people like you to support and help. Without you, they won’t make the right choice! ”

These words make me strive even more, get up and do better every day to be able to support more people.

What’s your advice for other traders?

There is no trading method which is right or completely wrong. Only the person who owns that trading strategy knows if it’s right or not. Like in my story it is most important to be consistent. You should understand that after a while you will get better at trading and will succeed! And more importantly, if you are a lonely trader who needs support, you should find the right partner to trade with. PK Team is one of your trusted friends!

We sincerely congratulate Lý Dũng on this victory and we believe that anyone else with such determination and experience can reach success too.

The last quarter of the IB category of Supercharged 2 has already begun. We’re encouraging all our partners to work towards their goal—one more Honda car is still waiting for you. Every IB can take part in the contest, and we wish good luck to all contestants in the next round!

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