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Round 54 of OctaFX Champion demo contest!

The results of Round 54 of the OctaFX Champion demo contest are here, so let's meet and congratulate our recent winners who shared the prize fund of $1000. They were happy to give us their opinions and views into their trading methods and successes.
●  1st place with the award of 500 USD goes to Mr. Sandi from Indonesia.
●  2nd place with the award of 300 USD goes to Mr.Robert Aleniko from Indonesia.
●  3rd place with the award of 100 USD goes to Mr Modh Azam Yazid from Malaysia.
●  The last place is Mr. Anees ur Rehman from Pakistan who has won 100 USD

To know more about how our great winners and how they achieved their success -  just read some of the following interviews!

1st place: Mr. Sandi from Indonesia.


Rank1 Gain10713.15%

I´m very happy and proud to be a champion of OctaFX contest because I´m a newbie and I could beat the other participants who are more experienced than me. I use almost all of my spare time to focus on the contest because I want to compete seriously. It is important not to be complacent with this victory, and it should be a motivation for the future in trading. Promotions offered by OctaFX are really attractive for traders. If there is any other promotions in the future, I would like to get involved again.

The key factor of my success was believing in myself and that I'm capable of using the trading techniques. My advice for other traders is to focus with 1 or 2 techniques and learn them deeply. Also you need to be calm and try not panic while trading.

My best profit I made was when I was trading on the news release with a fluctuating movement. And my biggest loss was when the movement of the candle was not in accordance with my expectation.

To be a good trader you must go through several phases. The failures at the beginning of trading can be used as trading experience for the future. And of course, you need to be strong mentally.

2nd place: Mr.Robert Aleniko from Indonesia.


Rank2 Gain4179.94%

I´m very happy with the victory that I have achieved in this contest, despite only being in second place. With the results that I have obtained during the recent contest, at least there is progress in every open position I made, Sometimes it is enough to see the progress every hour. However, when I have free time, I always check the currency movement to take action at the right moment, to open position in accordance with my analysis.

This is my first victory so it makes me even more eager to join in all contests and promotions held by OctaFX. My success in this contest is always followed by news or financial news on the  OctaFX website. To reinforce my analysis, I put on some indicators within MetaTrader 4.

I still have not mastered the strategies to get a consistent profit, but I am more comfortable using fundamental techniques.

The biggest profit that I made was $7 740. And my greatest losses occurred on the last day of the contest because I opened a position without strong analytical and trading  thoughts, against the market.

In my opinion, it takes a long time to be a  good trader who can earn a consistent profit. However, OctaFX can help beginners like me, to understand forex trading.

3rd place: Mr Modh Azam Yazid from Malaysia.


Rank3 Gain1464.29%

Thanks for having such a great contest! I´m very, very happy as this is my 1st time that I have achieved this kind of win. I use almost all of my leisure time to learn and practice trading in forex  and I used the OctaFX Demo contest as a way to challenge myself.

One thing I would suggest is to practice and master one particular technique. I've tried various techniques but now I'm using only one technique which I feel suits me well. It is basically just follow the trend & get into the market at the end of retracement.

My best financial gain was when I got 3rd place in OctaFX Champion Demo Contest. I was so happy. Also, my biggest loss was over a period of time, when I lost thousand of dollars learning to trade forex. I have been involved in trading forex for almost two years and I would say I probably need another two years to become a good trader.

Last place: Mr. Anees ur Rehman from Pakistan.


Rank2034 Gain-558.34%

All I can say is that due to some bad trading decisions my trading account came to zero in first week after coming in the TOP 20. I have registered myself in the next round and I will try to improve my skills  before trading using a real account.

I have learnt a lot from this experience. There is no shortcut to becoming a good trader. You need to focus on the long term rather than the short term. I remember my last trade was successful. On that day I managed to make 400+ USD in my championship account.  As per your other questions, it doesn't take much time to trade but you have to dedicate two to three hours minimum per day.

And to become a good trader you need to practice for around two years before trading with real accounts using low amounts at first.

Ready to try the OctaFX Champion demo contest yourself? Just register here and accept the challenge to be in with a chance to win!

Join the OctaFX Champion Demo contest today!

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