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Round 36 OctaFX Champions - learning a good lesson from the contest!

We are happy to share our champions' stories - you will know how easy it is to start a career with OctaFX and find yourself a winner after only one year of trading!

People sharing their view on our contest are Round 36 OctaFX Champion Demo contest winners:

  •       1st place – Mr. Hoanh Chau Khiem from Vietnam
  •       2nd place – Mr. Dadang Darmawan from Indonesia
  •       3rd place – Mr. Sheeja C from India
  •       The last runner – Mr. Huu Le Van from Vietnam

1st place – Mr. Hoanh Chau Khiem from Vietnam


Vietnam Vietnam
Rank 1 Gain 10116.01%

I feel very happy to win the first prize of the Champion.  I didn’t trade all my time, I participated in the competition while making analysis and then opened a trade.

I mixed technical strategy with fundamental strategy to find the market trend. I have encountered considerable loss. I was getting the valuable lesson from this contest.

2nd place – Mr. Dadang Darmawan from Indonesia


Indonesia Indonesia
Rank 2 Gain 7678.52%

I am very happy, I do not believe it, in this contest I was in second position. I was trading at the time of the price movements due to fundamental factors of the pair that I trade.
I have a belief that that to be successful in Forex you need a lot of practice and you need to be supported by a broker who is reliable and trustworthy as OctaFX.
My success factor lies in the mental psychology, techniques, strategies, and good money management, it is very influential on a trader. Honestly, I don't feel that I am better than the others. Perseverance, concentration and discipline that makes me can be successful in this contest.
My strategy is to learn from every mistake and fix it so that makes me become a better in trading.
The most spectacular advantage is when I can make a profit of $ 30 030.00 in seconds on the pair EUR-USD during high volatility. It must be supported by a reliable broker who can execute my orders quickly as OctaFX.
According to many people, it took 3 years to become a good trader. I had just become a trader less than 1 year and I am sure if you want to study diligently and seriously, everyone can be a SUCCESSFUL TRADER. If I can do it... Surely everyone can do it too.

3rd place – Mr. Sheeja C from India


India India
Rank 3 Gain 5292.36%

I'm very much happy being one of the winner, after trying several months in demo contest.

I concentrated only once currency pair (eur/usd), and followed the trend, long term trade,chart setup, economic events that affect / influence how much on currency pair long term,lot calculation based on equity, limited risk, those are my keys factor to succeed in trade and contest. Initially i concentrated only small lots,later with enough equity i opened big lot, highest profit $18,169 , highest loss $17,400.

I started my trading career in OctaFX with $8 no deposit bonus, that time i took around 300% profit, then lost all what I gained. That time i started making mistakes like every beginners do, greedy, thinking of get rich soon, blank chat setup, even not knowing what influences markets up/downs. then it took me more than a year to become one of the winners here. 

The last runner – Mr. Huu Le Van from Vietnam


Vietnam Vietnam
Rank 2746 Gain -496.54%

I think I have some unluck in my trades, I will try my best to win the big prize. I'm very confident with my trade, that's my mistake. I will think about it more. I haven't had the most successful trade in my memory until now.

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