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Round 35 success stories arrived!

As promised, OctaFX publishes Success Stories of OctaFX Champion demo contest Round 35 winners! This week, our main winner – Mr. Susilo Aji from Indonesia, surprised us with his emotional interview and we are happy to present it to you!


1st place – Mr. Susilo Aji from Indonesia treated our contest like a holiday:

Ouw my God!!! I can't believe it!... let me calm my mind first please..

I am very very happy to receive this news. Being the champion of this famous contest had made me a little bit proud of myself. Truth be told I joined this contest on a whim, since I have to measure how far my trading skill has gotten. And contest is a perfect place to measure that, right? After all, I am still "amateur" trader, so I will need a lot and a lot of training and measuring for that.

I don't think that I am better than anyone tough... May be I was able to win because I was able to enjoy the contest. Like I said earlier I wanted to measure my skill, so I was able to enjoy trading like it was my holiday. I believe we can see more "clearly" to the thing we enjoy, right? So, I think the key to success is "never forget to enjoy yourself"!

I only took a glance about 1 minute every day on my mt4. there are 4 pairs on display, it was EU, GU, UJP, and AUD. And from the record you can see I only have 19 trades on them, so as you can guess I was aiming to mastering sniping. However, with that kind of strategy it was almost impossible to take me to the first place in the contest.

May be around the second week on the contest. Suddenly every pair and every position on my trade going my way. It feels great to see the candle favor you. I believe that everyone must feel the same when it happens...

It’s been a year and 2 months since I trading. Even so I can't call myself a full-fledged trader. But my friend say it takes about 2 years to be a professional trader. I think it makes sense in some way. Therefore, we  experience the annual moment and couple reversals at least. Then, we can call ourselves traders or we can just enjoying what we do. There will always be that option for us.

Lastly, I'd like to thank you OctaFX, for this wonderful contest. This is where people from round the world squeeze their brains out to become number one. We traders always need something like this. In that way, there will be new born great traders in your circle. You’ve made great contribution in the trader's future.

We really appreciate what you have done.

2nd place – Mr. Alberico Catizone from Italy won his prize effortlessly:

The last 10 days I have done almost nothing, if I knew I was so close to the first place I would have committed more. I used the trend line.

It takes discipline to do forex if you think positive you have more chance to win but if you think negative lose safe.

3rd place – Mr. Purwo Atmantyo from Indonesia relies on experience and technical analysis:

Learn, be diligent, and pray! My strategy is "keep learning" and continue to try a variety of existing techniques and develop them according to my ability. My spectacular profit is when my technical analysis exactly just as I expected.  

The last runner in the contest – Mr. Nur Faisal from Indonesia wants to improve his trading:

Scalping strategy may be less successful for me. I use EA in trading so do not spend a lot of my time for other work. For now, I have yet to produce a successful trading, and seek to achieve it. I love to use EA because trading can be done with ease. I hope that next year I will be successful again.

Want to find your name and story in our news – join OctaFX Champion Demo contest.

Be the Champion with OctaFX!

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