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Round 19 OctaFX Champion Demo contest winners expatiate on their journey to success.

Undoubtedly, you love to hear from OctaFX, but it is always fascinating to get advice from the fellow traders. Today we offer you to draw some inspiration from Round 19 OctaFX Champion Demo Contest winners. We present you their short interviews in which you may find a goldmine for self-improvement!

This month four luckiest traders became a part of OctaFX Hall of Fame: OctaFX Forex Championship

  • 1st place – Mr. Farhad Kia from Hungary
  • 2nd place – Mr. Yopi Agustian from Indonesia
  • 3rd place – Mr. Hamka Rasufit from Indonesia
  • The last runner – Mr. Kosdara from Indonesia

How do you feel being an OctaFX Champion?

    1st place – Mr. Farhad Kia: It was an interesting and exciting contest which requires good skills and knowledge of Forex.
    2nd place – Mr. Yopi Agustian: I should say I am very happy.
    3rd place – Mr. Hamka Rasufit: I feel so great and confident now so I can have a real trade with real account now.

How involved in the contest you were – was it taking all of your time?

    1st place – Mr. Farhad Kia: Actually I spent few hours a day contesting, but mostly everything was done with my autotrading strategy.
    2nd place – Mr. Yopi Agustian: I tried to be the best in the trade, and I tried to trade only in my spare time.
    3rd place – Mr. Hamka Rasufit: First two weeks were relaxed, and the next two weeks I took contest more seriously to win.

What is the key factor to your success? Why are you better than everyone else?

    1st place – Mr. Farhad Kia: AUTO TRADING.
    2nd place – Mr. Yopi Agustian: I was patient and did not hurry. My traits which helped me win were probably my patience and courage.
    3rd place – Mr. Hamka Rasufit: Being patient and waiting for the best chance to enter the market and open buy/sell position was one of keys to success.

What was your strategy? Have you developed a perfect plan or tried various techniques?

    1st place – Mr. Farhad Kia: I had my own autotrading strategy and besides I did some manual trading.
    2nd place – Mr. Yopi Agustian: I tried a variety of techniques.
    3rd place – Mr. Hamka Rasufit: I used long term trading and traded using EUR/JPY in the first two weeks and XAUUSD in the rest of the contest. I also use trailing stop to gain more profit and prevent loses.

What was your most spectacular gain? Have you encountered considerable loss?

    1st place – Mr. Farhad Kia: I had very bad days on the important news days, so I think I shouldn't trade on those news like NFP.
    2nd place – Mr. Yopi Agustian: I only benefited and achieved the expected goals. There were no loss and risks of trading.
    3rd place – Mr. Hamka Rasufit: When the contest was in the third week, I opened buy position with high standard lot when the bullish candle went up after analyzing the lower price of the XAUUSD – my most profitable gain. Concerning loss - Yes the last day became a nightmare, because I opened sell position in total 30 standard lot, but the candle went bullish, I was expecting to have more days to wait it to go bearish and gain more points.

How long does it take to become a good trader?

    1st place – Mr. Farhad Kia: More than 5 years.
    2nd place – Mr. Yopi Agustian: From one to two years.
    3rd place – Mr. Hamka Rasufit: I started 4 months ago, and I'm ready now to become a more patient trader indeed.

As you can see the answers show the uniqueness of each trader’s approach – the tools and techniques may vary, nevertheless they all led to the victory! Do we have you all motivated? Choose your own path towards successful trading now – register in Round 21 OctaFX Champion Demo Contest that starts this December!

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