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Round 18 OctaFX Champions’ stories of success arrived!

Dear traders!

Round 19 of OctaFX Champion Demo Contest gathers pace and we would like you to hear from Round 18 winners, as it’s always inspiring to get the view of the contest from the leaders themselves!

Let us remind you our winners: OctaFX Forex Championship

  • 1st place – Mr. Fitriyanto Muzamil from Indonesia
  • 2nd place – Mr. Makmun Herri Rojiqien Martadireja from Indonesia
  • 3rd place – Mr. Mohd Musa Mohd Yusof from Brunei
  • The last runner in the contest – Mr. Ahmad Naufal from Indonesia.

What is the key factor to your success? Why are you better than everyone else?

    1st place – Mr. Fitriyanto Muzamil: This is a combination of analysis, courage and luck. I managed to increase my profits because I saw the exact moment, I dared to take risks, and it turned out market movements matched my expectations

How do you feel being an OctaFX Champion?

    1st place – Mr. Fitriyanto Muzamil: I am very proud to be the champion. It makes me more confident and motivates me to continue to learn and explore trading system.
    2nd place – Mr. Makmun Herri Rojiqien Martadireja: I am very happy, and now I'm sure the analysis done by me was effective.

How involved in the contest you were – was it taking all of your time?

    1st place – Mr. Fitriyanto Muzamil: I open position only at a certain moment when I am confident in my chances. But to determine the exact moment one must frequently monitor market.
    2nd place – Mr. Makmun Herri Rojiqien Martadireja: No, it only takes me 1 to 2 hours to do an analysis before the start of trading.

What trading tools are most preferred by you? Majors or exotic, and why?

    1st place – Mr. Fitriyanto Muzamil: I combine several tools, it must be determined by needs.
    2nd place – Mr. Makmun Herri Rojiqien Martadireja: Majors, it is easier to get a reference from a friend via forums.

How long does it take to become a good trader?

    1st place – Mr. Fitriyanto Muzamil: No time limit, because a trader must keep learning and explore skill every time. I first learned about trading 6 months ago.
    2nd place – Mr. Makmun Herri Rojiqien Martadireja: It took me 30 days.

As you can see, our winners have some points in common, on the other hand some of their techniques are completely different – it proves that there are several solid ways to become an OctaFX Champion. Now, being incredibly motivated by our winners’ words – feel free to register in Round 20 OctaFX Champion Demo contest!

octafx-champion promotions-and-contests success-story

Round 18 OctaFX Champion Demo contest winners – welcome to OctaFX Hall of Fame!

Keeping in mind how incredibly intense was the race for the title of the Champion and what spectacular results our contestant showed – we invite you to join our cheerful salutes to our winners!
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Our Heartfelt Congratulations on Eid al-Adha!

OctaFX company would like you to accept our most sincere and profound congratulations on the Feast of the Sacrifice!
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