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Round 17 OctaFX Champion Demo Contest winners' tips for a triumph!

Dear traders!

Round 18 of our OctaFX Champion Demo Contest starts in a few days, but first, we are glad to present you our Round 17 winners’ interviews! Learn from their exciting stories of success and be inspired by their words to start a new Round 18 of OctaFX Champion Contest yourself!

Let us remind you our champions: OctaFX Forex Championship

  • 1st place – Mr. Koneti Kishore from India
  • 2nd place – Mr. Sartana from Indonesia
  • 3rd place – Mr. Grigory Danilov from Uzbekistan

How do you feel being an OctaFX Champion?

    1st place – Mr. Koneti Kishore: Awesome! This is my life time achievement! I’m proud to be an OctaFX Champion! I am in Cloud 9! It’s my pleasure and pride to have my name in your Winners list or Hall of Fame!
    2nd place – Mr. Sartana: I feel happy to win and I didn’t expect to.
    3rd place – Mr. Grigory Danilov: I’ve always loved to participate in competitions, aspiring to be the first.

How involved in the contest you were – was it taking all of your time?

    1st place – Mr. Koneti Kishore: Yes, of course, it did! Actually, it is a Demo Contest, so all participants should be active and track the position!
    2nd place – Mr. Sartana: I trade in my spare time and did not spend a lot of my time.
    3rd place – Mr. Grigory Danilov: The whole month I watched the competition closely and thought above my every trade.

Don’t you think it’s time to participate in our real contest “King of the Road”?

    1st place – Mr. Koneti Kishore: Yeah, it’s my pleasure to join the Real Contest “King of the Road”! Actually I’m very eager and counting on it!
    2nd place – Mr. Sartana: I also participate in contest "King of the Road" in my real account and now as it is running, I’m trying my luck.
    3rd place – Mr. Grigory Danilov: I do think of participation in this competition.

What is the key factor to your success? Why are you better than everyone else?

    1st place – Mr. Koneti Kishore: In my personal view there are three keys to success in Forex trading. 1. Proper Trading System – means Proper Plan with good Risk Reward Raito 2. Proper money management without greediness 3. Patience. If you want to make effective plan you should make it as simple as possible.
    2nd place – Mr. Sartana: My success factors in this contest may be patience and luck. I do not feel better than others, perhaps in this contest luck was on my side, I was more in control in my trading and was not easily discouraged.
    3rd place – Mr. Grigory Danilov: Close intermediate term analysis in view of duration of the competition.

How long does it take to become a good trader?

    1st place – Mr. Koneti Kishore: This is a field where the knowledge is limitless: every day you can learn lot of things from your mistakes. For me it took nearly one year and a half to get experience and knowledge. For other traders it depends on their patience and how well they correct their mistakes.
    2nd place – Mr. Sartana: I also do not know how long it takes to become a good trader, because I am still learning. But I think we can become a good traders if we can control ourselves, be patient, not easily discouraged, if we can learn from experience, and continue to learn.
    3rd place – Mr. Grigory Danilov: It seems, some years are necessary to achieve success.

Rather fascinating, isn’t it? Come and join Round 18 of OctaFX Champion Contest that starts Monday, September 2.

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Fanfares for the winners of Round 17 OctaFX Champion Demo contest!

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