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OctaFX announces Round 20 OctaFX Champion Demo Contest Winners!

In order to keep you in your good spirits we present you our pride and admiration - Round 20 OctaFX Champion Demo Contest winners. Our celebrated demo contest is running now in its 21 Round, allowing traders to learn the market and gain real profit from a demo account by simply winning the competition. This time, 2306 traders used various tools and techniques to crack the code of success with OctaFX and we can say for sure – you can appear among our OctaFX Hall of Fame residents easily by enrolling yourself in following rounds of OctaFX Champion Demo Contest.

104 712 executed orders brought us to this list of 20 Round winners, which we unveil not wishing to keep you in waiting anymore: OctaFX Forex Championship

  • 1st place with the award of 500 USD goes to Mrs. Fiyta Santi Mulyani from Indonesia
  • 2nd place with the award of 300 USD goes to Mr. Zahoor Amin from Pakistan
  • 3rd place with the award of 100 USD goes to Mr. Eniola Idowu from Nigeria
  • The last runner in the contest Mr. Md Robiul Islam from Bangladesh is granted 100 USD.

One more good news is that you can hear the voices of our winners right now! We have already asked every triumphant to share the experience and give you some advice on how to shine bright in our next round. Every participant expresses happiness and joy of being an OctaFX Champion, so let’s see their way to glory in details:

How involved in the contest you were – was it taking all of your time?
    1st place - Mrs. Fiyta Santi Mulyani: Yes, it was consuming my time, but it does not matter.
    2nd place – Mr. Zahoor Amin: I am an experienced trader, and I have devoted only two weeks to do hard work in this demo contest.
    3rd place – Mr. Eniola Idowu: I wasn't too involved in the contest. I traded European session mostly and my target was usually market opening.

What is the key factor to your success? Why are you better than everyone else?
    1st place - Mrs. Fiyta Santi Mulyani: According to my experience, the secret is to be patient, pray and always strive for success.
    2nd place – Mr. Zahoor Amin: The key factor of my success in forex demo contest is hard working of more than two years. I have great experience in forex business by doing hard work whole two years and this experience is the main reason of becoming demo contest champion.
    3rd place – Mr. Eniola Idowu: I feel the key factor to my success is timing i.e. knowing the right time to enter the market and identify the prevailing trend.

What was your strategy? Have you developed a perfect plan or tried various techniques?
    1st place - Mrs. Fiyta Santi Mulyani: I used scalping techniques and referred to the economic calendar.
    2nd place – Mr. Zahoor Amin: I had no strategy for trading. This is my own way of analysis of forex market chart. I simply analyze forex market chart on daily time frame and then I perform a trade according to 30 minutes time frame. This is my way of forex trading.
    3rd place – Mr. Eniola Idowu: My strategy involves daily time frame using 100 EMA, stochastic and Henken Aishi. This is my present setup strategy although I have tried several.

What was your most spectacular gain? Have you encountered considerable loss?
    1st place - Mrs. Fiyta Santi Mulyani: My biggest advantage is when the pair open trade NZD/CAD + NZD/CHF and my biggest disadvantage is when the pair open trade open trade AUD/USD.
    2nd place – Mr. Zahoor Amin: I have made 7200$ by a single trade. Once when my balance was 1,80,000$ and equity also was same I was the toper but I got loss in one trade that was -57,900$ by a single trade this was due to not using stoploss option and the reason of this was problem with my Internet connection at home.
    3rd place – Mr. Eniola Idowu: My most spectacular gains came when I used higher lot and made like 5000$ a day. I have not made any major loss because I follow the trend.

How long does it take to become a good trader?
    1st place - Mrs. Fiyta Santi Mulyani: Being a good trader takes unspecified amount of time and seriousness of our ability should always be measured not in balance.
    2nd place – Mr. Zahoor Amin: I think in forex Business learning can't be terminated, you can educate yourself every day, but I think 6 month of hard work are required to become a good trader.
    3rd place – Mr. Eniola Idowu: I think you need a minimum of 2 years to be a disciplined good trader.

Last runner in the competition, Mr. Md Robiul Islam expressed a desire to improve his performance next time, and pointed out that this Round was useful for indication a high level of risk in his strategies based on news trading. Nevertheless Mr. Robuil is still interested in becoming proficient, in his own words: “It's so difficult, but not impossible”.

OctaFX would like to thank all the participant and remind everyone else that next time you can be one of OctaFX Champion Demo Contest winners! Though Round 21 has already started, don't let anything stop you from getting into the next Round of OctaFX Champion Demo Contest – prove yourself to be a successful and thoughtful trader, reach new heights, and get a reward you deserve – register in Round 22 OctaFX Champion Demo Contest!

Spend your luckiest days with OctaFX!

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