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Mr. Bhimashanka Ramapur describes his way to success in details!

Success stories and inspirational advice from Round 24 OctaFX Champion winners arrived! Round 24 brought us four winners enlisted below, and we have talked to two of them - Mr. Bhimashankar Ramapur and Mr. Edy Santosa - to ask is there any secret of being good at trading.

  •  1st place – Mr. Bhimashankar Ramapur from India
  •  2nd place – Mr. Edy Santosa from Indonesia
  •  3rd place – Mr. Henrikus Irianto from Indonesia
  •  The last runner –  Mr. Handrian from Indonesia

No additional words needed when winners speak for themselves! We are happy to present you two great stories from Mr. Bhimashankar Ramapur  and Mr. Edy Santosa, occupying the first and the second place in OctaFX Champion Demo contest Round 24! 

Mr. Bhimashanka Ramapur from India shows his appreciation:

“First, I’d love to say thanks to OctaFX for organizing this Champion Demo Contest for all trader. It surely helps all OctaFX traders to get experience. Secondly, I thank friend who introduced me to OctaFX”.

Mr. Ramapur was so happy, he could hardly express his feeling with words:

“Basically I started a bit late to trade in this round. Nevertheless, as soon as I started I became constantly involved in trading, keeping all my attention on signals. I traded EUR/USD only, as that’s the only pair, which behavior I know way better than others.  

Initially EUR/USD and USD/CHF trading helped me to take my equity on track. Once I raised to the rating top, I maintained my equity and was going forward. EUR/USD and USD/CHF boosted my equity and that’s when I reached 1st rank. It was downhill from there - I maintained both my rank and equity. When I reached first place, one of my competitors tried to overtake me. He failed many times, because I think he was looking at my total balance, not my equity. Finally, he lost all his balance and that’s when I knew, that’s a confirmation of my victory.  

The main key factor of my victory is the EUR/USD trading. I was sure that, when the pair goes to 1.40000/1.39500, it would definitely go down in 2 weeks. So I waited for that. When EUR/USD was falling down, I knew that USD/CHF is raising in the same time, so I was buying USD/CHF as the pair was helping me to support my equity.  So when EUR/USD got to 1.37, I started to buy.

One more important thing is that I regularly opened high amount trades. If the trade profits near 0.2-0.5 pips, I am suddenly closing it. Since small profits make my big equity.  When the market goes not in my favor, I don’t close that trade - I open half amount of the same trade in reverse instead, reducing my loss by 50%.

I particularly remember one spectacular gain - 50 lots of EUR/USD - it was the first trade, which brought me first rank.

Mr. Bhimashanka Ramapur adds: “I love to take challenges that OctaFX offers”. 

Mr. Edy Santosa from Indonesia feels really happy and proud to be the second runner in a row of 1650 traders, minding the fact that he traded calmly in European and Asian sessions’ time, not straining himself.

“I have been trading 3,5 years and though I can say I am good at trading, I still learn every day. Strategies that I use are scalping and following the trend, I stick to techniques I proved to be effective on practice. While competing, I managed to keep an eye on trading and elevated my money management experience, while controlling my emotions, since it is essential not to become greedy, when you see your trend taking a right moment.  

I have not experienced a great loss of money due to paying close attention to the proper funds management”. 

Follow the glorious example – register in the next round of OctaFX Champion Demo Contest!

OctaFX congratulates the awarded participants and hopes that OctaFX Champion Demo contest serves as a perfect start of a successful trading career!

Spend your luckiest days with OctaFX!

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