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King of the Road Top Ten Success Stories!

As every award has reached its winner, we would like you to hear direct voices of every TopTenner, talking about the experience of OctaFX King of the Road real account contest. With no delay, let the winners speak for themselves:


Dedi Kurniawan, 1st place, from Indonesia:


    "I wouldn’t dare to claim a victory first, being among 6500 contestants. Still with Allah help I succeeded and I can say that time I’ve spent competing was fascinating. I dedicated my trading to EUR/USD mostly, giving my full attention to real time charts and indicators, also reading some related news - NonFarm payrolls, CPIs. I traded following the trend: using this strategy, it’s crucial not to panic and remain confident.
    By the end of the contest my progress was so impressive I couldn’t believe my own eyes - I was not a relaxed trader though - I kept trading my own way till the end, not giving emotions a way to reign over me. I can say that I consider this victory one of my lifetime achievements. I learned to stick to my plan and be determined and I can advise you not to be discouraged by mistakes but to apply all your knowledge and talent to make your trading profitable." 


Royfaizal Bin Razali Chong, 2nd runner, from Malaysia:


    "It’s unbelievable. I feel so excited and it’s like a dream to be the 2nd in the competition!
    When I joined the contest, I only took it as fun. Because I'm still a newbie in this forex industry. In terms of experiences, I perceived most of the contestants to be better than me. That’s why, I didn't expect any excellent results from the contest.
    I like to compete with myself. A desire to be a no.1 really kept me motivated to carry on. At the beginning, I only spent a bit of time in my account. However, after my account made it to the top 10, I have put all my time in it, especially few days before the contest's end. I was using a strategy which known as BBMA. Two indicators of Bollinger Band and Moving Average, respectively.  My daily life is helping me to become more disciplined in my trading. Now, trading is like a job for me instead of a hobby.
    I have been almost 2 years in the forex trading. I have learned my basic forex trading from babypips. The key factor to success is the forex strategy itself. Most of the traders keep looking for the profitable strategy. But do they really believe the strategy can generate profitable income for them? My advice for them is to come up with own forex strategy and follow it thoroughly before asking any profits from the forex strategy itself. Your contest was a good platform for the traders to compete with each other, so I’ll recommend traders to participate in the next one 100% absolutely."


Trader from Poland, Krzysztof Goc occupies 3rd place:


    "That’s a great feeling to be so highly ranked, the prospect of winning a prize was for me the best motivation. Though trading is both work and hobby for me. I love doing it. I am in the market for four years. During this time I learned different things. Above all, respect for the earned money because sometimes it is easy to earn but even easier to lose. But that's not all, I'm still learning and I'm trying to grow as a trader.
    Contest consumed a lot of my time: I had a lot of trial and did not worry about failure. The victory was the only important thing.
    Competitions Strategy I used can be described as: catch the hole/peak and use aggressive pyramidal positions. Competition is a different world. The competition is traded otherwise than on a daily basis. I have a policy in daily trade - to reduce the risk of losses. In the competition you don’t care about insignificant loses compared to what is at stake. The key to success is consistency and clearly outlined target. I took part in different competitions but this one was special to me. I changed my approach to forex, discovered new trading opportunities. I am very happy that I could take part in this competition." 


4th place – Indonesian Trader Likartono:


    "I was surprised and am very happy to be a Top 10 King of The Road Real account contest from OctaFX.
    Currently, trading is my additional job. However, when possible, trading will be my main job. Though, until now, I still do not have good technique. I have not encountered any spectacular trades. It can be seen from my accounts affected by Margin Call. When I started my trading, I never imagined I would gain extraordinary results. During this contest, I really enjoyed trading, although sometimes I felt disappointed with the results. Nevertheless, I did not give up. I kept trading. My motivation now is trying to be the best for myself, to prove that I was able to become a Top 10 King of Road. It makes me stay focused."


Satria Agung Wibowo from Indonesia – 5th place on the list:


    "It’s unbelievable. I’m so happy. I can survive on big 10 with some good traders that joined & participated in this event.  Trading is like hobby for me. I can get more money beside my primary job as a constructor. The contest trades took around 2-4 hour a day.
    I try to focus on my trading technique. I trust this technique. Even though I didn’t get the best place. I’am using breakout candle technique on London Open market. Most losses I got were on Sept 2013. I’ve lost a lot of money. But sometimes dream come true, all you need is to be patient. I would advise traders to focus & discipline on trading technique you have." 


Jordan’s trader Motie Hayajneh rated 6th:


    "I feel very happy to be in the top 10 list. Forex trading for me is an extra-income source. I started trading forex 6 years ago.  I learned to be disciplined. And when I saw the contest, I decided to be in the top10 list. Contest took few of my time, but I was always monitoring the rankings page. My most spectacular trade was on gold with a strategy based on technical analysis. A profitable advice to OctaFX traders is to let the profits run and to stop the losses as soon as possible."


8th position – Mahbubur Rahman Bangladesh:


    "I am Mahbubur Rahman and I feel so lucky to win a prize in a live contest. Forex trading is my life: I trade every day, I can say I am like a professional trader. I’ve been involved in Forex for about only a year. I have learned many things from various points in the live contest, for example how to handle a good financial management. Overall, Forex trading system is a source of learning for all kind people. I think if someone wants to do something in present and future, they should engage with Forex business. I perceive forex as a kind of business and business means profit and loss both. I faced both.
    This is my 1st live contest as a contestant. One of my friend told me about the king of the road contest and then I did not look back. This was the most exciting contest around the world. I think I will participate more. Concerning a strategy, I am a scalper, so I follow the market trend to scalping, that’s me key factor to success. My advice is if you want to use scalping as successfully as me, then you should follow the market trend." 


9th runner – Indonesian trader Faruq Eko Saputro:


    "I was very surprised, because, I didn’t expect to get a winner’s position, until one day, I searched my name at Google, and then, I saw the link with my name as 9th winner at the King of the Road contest, and as I opened my cabinet, that was true, I was a winner. Forex is my night job – I use the RSI and news at forex factory to trade. It took me 2 years to get a system with many losses, and now I get more profit, I have learnt that if I’m not patient, I get loss and loss.
    Sometimes, I get more money, if I open a good position and my technique works good, and then if a news are not accurate, I get loss. I participated just to see my technique for trade, my friend also kept me focused, and made me careful.

    Be patient and be patient every time, don’t think about profit, but think about no losses!"

10th trader – Yu Ping Song from China:


    "First, I’m very thankful for OctaFX to organize the contest, besides, i was very lucky to win the 10th place. Next morning after the end of the contest  I turned on  the computer and saw the result of the contest, I clapped my hands with excitement, repeating “so good , so lucky” time and again. I’ve been learning trading forex for 5 years , I worked hard and adhered to it. My trading strategy is to follow the trend, and then wait for a recall to the support position then enter the market, control the profit and loss ratio  in 3:1, although I haven’t encountered any great setbacks, I experienced lots of difficulty.
    I will keep participating in the follow-up Contest hold by OctaFX and share my happiness to my friends. I’ve recommended OctaFX at various Forex forums." 


You see, it’s not necessary to be 100% experienced and profitable for the victory to pick you! Now as you know all the motivation and secrets of success – stay tuned to know about the launch of a new Real Contest from OctaFX.

 See the video story of Dedi Kurniawan and follow OctaFX Company News

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