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OctaFX Champion Demo Contest, Round 83: Winning Solves Everything

Round 83 of the OctaFX Champion Demo Contest has finished.

Our best wishes to four more traders, who share the prize fund of 1000 USD this month!

  • 1st place with the award of 500 USD goes to Abdul Shakoor from Pakistan

  • 2nd place with the award of 300 USD goes to Junming Zhang from China

  • 3rd place with the award of 100 USD goes to Imam Mustofa from Indonesia

  • The runner-up, Azzumar from Indonesia, receives 100 USD

Our new winners expressed their feelings and thoughts on the last round and revealed the key factors in their success. Find out all their secrets in our interview with the best traders in the latest OctaFX Champion Demo Contest.

1ST PLACE: Abdul Shakoor from Pakistan

I am very happy to be the winner. I think that my experience, hard work and dedication is what helped me win. I use scalping and follow the trend when I trade. During the contest I got a significant profit when I started selling. I will surely take part in the next contest!

2ND PLACE: Junming Zhang from China

Thanks toOctaFX for providing a platform where we can show our Forex trading skills. OctaFX is the best because of low spreads and quick execution.

During the month of trading, I set aside everything else to focus on the contest. I am ready for the next contest after winning the contest this time. The key to my success has been to have a good attitude, I did not care about winning or losing, but I never hesitated. What set me apart from others is perhaps my ability to seize the opportunity from breaking news that has an impact on the FX market. My trading strategy is to draw up and down trend lines on the K-line chart and make orders at the extreme positions of the upper and lower lines. Not only did I take advantage of the power of momentum, but also benefited from acountertrend and a small rebound.

My biggest profit was made before the FOMC decision and policy guidance were announced. I was 150 lots long on EUR/USD and my account equity rose from USD 100,000 to more than USD 200,000. My biggest loss was about USD 40,000 from short USD/CAD.

I think it takes at least 5 years to become a good trader.

3RD PLACE: Imam Mustofa from Indonesia

I’m very happy. I traded in the contest during my work time, so I didn’t spend a lot of time.

I think the key to success is that traders must understand the risk management of losses and profits and learn how to read the market direction.

My strategy in trading is trying to implement a disciplined trading plan, limit stop loss, try to get as much profit as possible, and brave mental trading.

My spectacular profit occurred when I used a 5-minute chart and I got big profit in a short period of time, and the loss happened when my stop loss reached the trading price.

In my opinion, becoming a good trader is a lasting process, and more learning and practice will hone our analytical skills.

And congratulations to our last runner-up: Azzumar, from Indonesia

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