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Round 50 of OctaFX Champion demo contest: how to keep winning

OctaFX is happy to announce the new winners of Champion demo contest! Let’s congratulate the traders:

  • 1st place with the award of 500 USD goes to Mr. Kariyanto Kariyanto from Indonesia
  • 2nd place with the award of 300 USD goes to Mr. Noor Ul Amin from Pakistan
  • 3rd place with the award of 100 USD goes to Ms. Ledi Manullang from Indonesia
  • The last runner in the contest, Mr. Abd Hadi from Indonesia is granted 100 USD

Do you want to learn how to trade so that you keep winning? Just read these success tips from our best traders!

1st place - Mr. Kariyanto Kariyanto from Indonesia


Rank1 Gain3921.70%

I’ve been trading with OctaFX for a long time, and finally my time has come! I’m the first winner! I’d like to express my gratitude to OctaFX for this opportunity. Honestly speaking, I’m learning on the go: in the past, I was spending a lot of time on trading (not always successful enough), but now I just wait for the right moment to trade, so there’s not much time consumed. Since I’m more successful now I believe I will go on participating in OctaFX contests. Who knows, may be I’m in a winning streak at the moment. I think my success is patience, being precise in using the market moment and determination. Also, I like to take all the trading opportunities. The more I take advantage of the opportunities, the greater my chance for victory. Yes, I suffered huge losses in the past, because I was (and I still am) a newbie, but I hope I’m learning faster and faster. I’ve been trading for 5 years and I’ve got some thrilling experience that I hope will help me in the future trades.

2nd place - Mr. Noor Ul Amin from Pakistan


Rank2 Gain2268.62%

First of all, I want to thank OctaFX for organizing such a thrilling contest. It’s great that you can challenge yourself and trade in a competition with others! As for me, I’m not a full-time trader: I have a regular job, and trading is a hobby for me. I trade from time to time whenever I’m free.  I’m considering participating in some other contests that OctaFX organizes, maybe I’ll go and pick more than one. OctaFX has quite a wide range to choose from. My key success factors are hard work and concentrated analysis of the market. I guess these were the reasons I got one of the prizes in this contest. I don’t use any kind of EAs or other indicators; the only strategy that I use is my own strategy. Most of my trades were profitable this time. However, one of the trades was a loss of more than 6000, but then I got a profit of 6290, so I basically got the lost money back. According to my experience, learning as well as practical work take around 6 months to become a good trader.

3rd place - Ms. Ledi Manullang from Indonesia


Rank3 Gain1714.33%

If you ask me what I feel, I can say I’m super happy! I trade when I have a couple of minutes of free time so I’m not too an involved trader. I’ve never thought I’d become a winner one day, but here I am! I will continue to participate in the next rounds even after this success. When I trade, i’m optimistic and confident - this is the best state that you can imagine for trading. I’m also patient to wait for the right moment, I’m not pushed by emotions. I got a spectacular profit for the first time in this contest, no losses occurred! Speaking of experience… My best guess is that the time that you have to spend to become an exceptional trader is unlimited. A good trader is willing to learn from experience without being too impatient.

The last runner in the contest - Mr. Abd Hadi from Indonesia

I’m a beginner Forex trader. Although I failed this time, I’m happy to get a consolation prize of $100. I learned a lot from the experience of this contest, ranging from the strategy to the calculation of the lot. My failure makes me even more motivated to try harder, to learn more about the market and to study technical analysis and fundamental basics. Of course, now I’m enterprising and determined to learn how to be a successful trader. Together with OctaFX, I believe that behind the failure there is the success. I hope next time I will no longer experience failure, and maybe it will take 2-3 months to become a better trader. Once again, thank you very much, OctaFX.

Ready to try OctaFX Champion demo contest yourself? Just register here and accept the challenge!

octafx-champion promotions-and-contests success-story

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