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How it works

An Introducing Broker (IB) is a person or a company which refers clients to OctaFX. As long as these clients trade, the IB receives money from OctaFX. It is a wide spread model, which is mutually profitable for both broker and IB.

How to become an IB?

Now the next step is to promote your referral link. A referral link looks like this:{your referral ID}

This is your own unique IB code. You can use it to attract new clients. Be nice to it.

How do you track my clients?

Our advanced client tracking system is based upon browser cookies technology. Whenever a client visits via your referral link, the system memorizes this person as your client, even if he or she hasn't opened any accounts yet. So every time this person returns to, our system will always recognize him/her as your soon-to-be-a-client.

What are my benefits?

Okay, let us explain.

Each time your client performs a trade, you get a certain fixed amount per lot traded. The amount depends on your IB rank. Here is a simple table for you to understand:

Your IB rankNumber of your active clientsCommission per lot traded
10 — 41 USD per lot
25 — 143 USD per lot
315 — 296 USD per lot
430 — 599 USD per lot
560 — 9912 USD per lot
6> 10015 USD per lot

At the very beginning, each new client brings you 1 USD per lot. As your network grows, you reach next IB rank. Once you have five active clients, each of them will bring you 3 USD per lot. As you reach sixty active clients (which usually takes 1-2 months of active promotion), your commission will rise to 10 USD per lot. Now this is some serious money!

As simple as that, no more pips counting and spread calculation. The commission is easy to understand and completely transparent. You can see each your client’s traded volume right in your Personal Area.

Once in every 24 hours your commission will be credited into your IB account.

How and when do I withdraw my commission?

Anytime you like. Just create a withdrawal request and receive your payment.

How do I bring so many clients?

There is a number of good old ways to attract clients and make them open accounts via your referral link. Here are some of them: post your referral link in forums, social networks and blogs. Be an active participant in forum discussions, our groups in Facebook and Twitter, talk to people, answer their questions. Alternatively, you can create your own website and promote your referral link in your own language in your country.

What next?

OctaFX values its IBs and always supports them with new promotions, materials and news. We also keep in touch with our partners and look to bring them to a whole new level of partnership — becoming a local representative.

A local representative runs his own OctaFX office. OctaFX specialists visit the location, help rent an office, prepare and open it. A local representative is a company employee and has far more privileges than a regular IB. And since he or she runs a fully-functional company office, their income grows substantially and reaches tens of thousands of USD.

Where do I find promo items?

Right at this page. Please feel free to use our banners in several languages, texts, logos and other promo items to promote your referral link.

How to open my own OctaFX office and become a local representative?

It is easy — open a partner account and show stable high results and a big number of clients. Local representative is a high status and certainly the requirements are strict. But OctaFX managers are always open to suggestions and we are always looking for new local representatives in every country of the world.

Be the first in your country!

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